Blast from the Past

Within our fellowship there are many who could say that as youths we always look forward to the publishing of the Free Presbyterian church’s youth magazine – Truth for Youth so that we could fill in the crossword and win a pound! (Many, many years later and it’s still £1 for the first 10 winners).

In reality I and many others turned first to articles that were submitted by two of the members of our congregation here in Ballymoney, Margaret Keery and the late Rev Cecil Menary.

In this section we are going to republish some of these old, but still relevant, items for you enjoyment.

Margaret Keery

New Year, New Beginning

Burdened and yet Blessed.

Going Anywhere?

Grasshopper Vision

Keep Climbing

A Warrior for God Sept 1983

Genuine Prayer March 1984

Follow the True Leader

The Lord's Prayer

Coming Soon ......

A Seasonal Greeting

The Real Ice Breakers

Follow the True Leader



Rev Cecil Menary - Between You and Me

God's Fireplace

Nothing Ordinary

This was the last item Rev Menary published in Truth For Youth in July/Aug 1990

Cow Town

An Old Carrier Bag

A Gem among Men

A Strange Cocktail

A Storm in a teacup

Build on the Rock

The Christian Race

A Self Drive Car Nov 83


The Voyage of Life


A Plague of flies


A Close encounter with a Postman March 1985


The Spiders Web


Coming Soon ......