Children's Meetings

Meetings aimed specifically at boys and girls have been a common feature of church life in Ballymoney since 1972 when the congregation moved from the Cabra area into the town. For the first year, the minister of the church, Rev. Cairns led the meetings and brought the Gospel to the children through Bible storytelling.

Originally the meeting was held upstairs in the prayer room of the church and it attracted a huge number of children. Many of the young people of the church helped in this outreach. The winter and spring meetings for boys and girls are still enthusiastically welcomed. The children are brought to the church by bus or car every Tuesday night. A programme of Bible stories, verses, choruses and talks is prepared by the group coordinator, Miss Anne McAuley, to be delivered by a willing team of workers. A special feature of the programme is a visit from a minister or a children's evangelist.

The eagerness to reach children with the Gospel message is not reserved for the wintertime only. Until fairly recently summer open-air meetings were arranged for different venues in Ballymoney and beyond, and a team of workers would travel to an area for five nights in succession i.e. Monday to Friday in the months of June, July or August. When it became very difficult to have enough workers available simultaneously, the decision was made to hold one week of mission at the church and to bring the children in by bus. A special speaker is normally invited. This has proved to be a great week for the congregation in terms of interest shown and involvement in the work. The week concludes with a barbecue for the children.