Early Morning Prayer 8.00 am

Sabbath School
10.45 am

Bible Class
11.00 am

Worship Service
12.00 pm

Prayer Time
6.30 pm

Gospel Service
7.00 pm


Sunday is the best day in the church calendar with services throughout the day... Early Morning Prayer Meeting:

Prayer Time

The best way to start the day with a time of prayer...


Sabbath School:

On a Sunday morning the children are split into their relevant age groups and taught the word of God. Much emphasis is given to learning the scriptures through memory verses.


Bible Class:

For those a little older for Sunday School attend the Bible Class for a series of studies through the scriptures. Great learning is achieved to be applied in the daily walk of any young person.


Worship Service:

Family worship commences the main services for the day. A time for everyone to enjoy fellowship and the expounding of God's Holy Word.


Prayer Time:

A half hour prayer meeting precedes the main evening service


Gospel Service:

The time of the week for the proclamation of the Gospel Message that 'Jesus Saves'.