Armen Thomassian


Wife's name - Melanie

Baby - Elissa

Mr Armen Thomassian is a member of our congregation in Ballymoney. In September 2009 he commenced the four year ministerial course at the Whitfield College of the Bible. He writes....

"Having observed the change in my Mum for six months after her conversion to Christ, I came to a personal understanding of the truth on 13 May, 2002. For nineteen years I had lived in ever-increasing ignorance of God, even denying His existence. But, praise be to God for His mercy bringing in yet another of that innumerable multitude of His people.
For two years I sought to serve Christ within the fellowship of Ballymoney FPC praying about what God would have me to do. Reading the Scriptures one evening, I could not mistake the Word of Christ to me “go thou and preach the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:60.
After completing the entrance exams for the Whitefield College, and spending two years ministering in Australia, I now begin my studies in hope of being better equipped to serve Christ in the future.
Armen Thomassian"

Armen would covet the prayers of the Lord's people as he seeks to complete his studies in the college.