Nothing Ordinary

It has been, and continues to be, a good and trusted friend. Mind you it has on occasions, been harshly treated and at times the load it has carried has been "nothing ordinary". It has rubbed shoulders with the rich and the poor and it has oft times been frowned upon and despised by men of high estate. It has been thrown unceremoniously upon planes with destines near and far. It looks the worse for wear but then it has looked like this for many a day. Sometimes we have had to sit upon it and occasionally the poor old thing has uttered a sigh of despair at the tasks it has been called upon to perform. I just can't think how I came about to have it. I do know it's beginning to look it's age and its old locks are showing signs of rust.

My oid suitcase is like some people, more useful than beautiful. I reckon it must be about the most knowledgeable case ever to grace No. 3 Terminal at London Airport. It has on occasions aroused suspicion as to its contents. It has been X-rayed, opened, its contents scrutinized with much interest. "Are you a Writer?" asked the security person at Toronto Airport as she leafed through my precious sermon books. I had a feeling she had never heard of my exploits on the pages of Truth for Youth, so I resisted the temptation to give her my autograph.

They say that "many a good tune is played on an old violin". This reminds me of the time when I was about to step aboard a Jumbo Jet at London Airport. As you seasoned travellers wiil know one is allowed one item of hand luggage on board the plane. My old brown, battered case, being within the dimensions allowable, is often called upon to accompany me on board


When we are away from home I like to Keep up with what is happening in the "Old Country" In other words we like to keep up with the news. This is where my little transistor radio comes in really useful.

On this particular day the radio was packed within the hand luggage and I was just stepping aboard the plane when suddenly there sounded forth some of the most unpleasant sounds I ever have had the misfortune to hear. Passenger looked inquiringly at passenger. There are moments in life when anonymity seems to provide the best option. I tried to play it cool as glances, not all friendly, were directed towards my wee case. A deep breath was called for as on bended knee the case was opened and sure enough my transistor had, with the movement of the case, switched itself on. I discovered that day it is advisable, when carrying one's radio, to remove the batteries for you never know what the old case might "dish up" at an inopportune moment.

My old suitcase is a traveller and it would remind us of the journey of our life. Sometimes we meet with patches of turbulence and we get knocked about a bit. Nevertheless, battered and travel stained we may still carry the Gospel to fields near and far. Who knows God may call you to pack your case. After all Jesus has said "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature ... " It may be that one day you will be carrying the case and I'll be doing the reading.