Ecc 12:1 Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth

In 1983 the creator of the world gave me life and blessed me with the great privilege of being born into a David BrownChristian family. My Father, Mother, two sisters, and brother all knew the Lord as their own personal God and saviour.

From my earliest days I knew my need of salvation and remember clearly faithful Sabbath school teachers telling me the message of the gospel in simple child like ways which unquestionably was instrumental in bringing me to Christ!

My conversion is unlike most as many people are saved at their bed side or in missions but I was saved while having my hair washed!! It was one evening as a five year old boy my mother was preparing me for bed and while I stood with the water running down over my face and eyes tightly shut the thought of going to hell that place of darkness and torment struck me with great intensity. With deep concern I turned to my mother and said that I wanted to be saved! I didn’t know the scripture from cover to cover nor did I have much of a grasp of doctrine but in a very child like way I understood that I was a sinner and I needed a saviour.

That evening my parents lead me to the Lord. It’s now over twenty three years since this happened and the Lord has kept me ever since and I know will keep me for evermore!